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Ahmed Saya

Ahmed Saya is a trainer, counselor, motivational speaker and O & A-level instructor at reputed schools of Karachi. Besides this, he is also the author of “O level Mathematics – A quick reference guide for final preparation” which is very popular amongst O level students in Pakistan. His other books for Accounting and Mathematics are in the completion phase, which is in line with the new CAIE syllabus.

Ahmed Saya has trained and taught over 15,000 students from all reputed O and A level schools and colleges who are now working in local and multination organizations. He has trained over 500 teachers across Pakistan who are working at reputable schools and colleges.

Ahmed Saya conducts trainings and workshops for CASIO, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), EAST and other Organizations. He has been invited as guest speaker to many universities of Pakistan to motivate students. He has conducted training sessions on topics like How to achieve success? How to manage life styles? Stress and time management. The journey self-discovery? How to achieve internal peace?  so on.

He is a qualified accountant, did his ACCA in 2007, and has done BSc Hons. in applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University – UK, and has also done Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with majors in Human Resource Management and Finance.

Ahmed Saya is Chief Operating Officer, and the managing partner of a career counseling and psychometric testing company known as REVEAL PAKISTAN, which aims to guide and develop youth of Pakistan so that they choose a right career and groom themselves into outstanding individuals who are a source of benefit to the whole society.

He is also one of the founding members of The Bridge School, a school for underprivileged students, which is formed to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan and to bridge the gap between poor and rich students.

He is a selfless, compassionate and determined teacher whose life revolves around the students. His dialogues, motivational speeches and patriotism make him stand out. He considers teaching a noble profession so that he could give back to the society young adults on whom the society and country could depend and get back on track of success. His philosophy is that people should not compete with each other but the competition should be with own self, as he has been repeatedly heard saying “I am not in competition with anyone instead I am in competition with MYSELF. If I am better than what I was yesterday, I have achieved success.”

Ahmed Saya has recently been awarded as The World’s Most Dedicated Teacher by Cambridge University Press, in association with Cambridge University. He got standing ovation at Cambridge for his services as an educationist and for improving the image of Pakistan globally.  

  His life has been a perfect example of a journey From Mediocrity to Excellence.

Courses by Ahmed Saya

Office # 307, Marium Complex, BMCHS, Karachi, Pakistan