Shahnawaz Ahmed P2 - Advanced Management Accounting Prepare anywhere, anytime and, at your own pace. June 2020

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06 May 2020 - 06 Aug 2020

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Course Content

3 chapters

14 lectures

Chapter 1 - The investment decision-making process

Investment Appraisal (Part 1) Preview

Investment Appraisal (Part 2) Preview

Investment Appraisal Part 3 Preview

Investment Appraisal 4 Preview

Investment Appraisal 5 Preview

Modified Internal Rate of return (MIRR) Preview

Real Option Preview

Chapter 2 - Investment appraisal – further aspects

Capital Rationing Part 1 Preview

Capital Rationing Part 2 Preview

Asset Replacement cycle Preview

Investment Appraisal- advantages and disadvantages Preview

Chapter 3 - The Pricing Decisions

Elasticity & Market structure Preview

Factors effecting pricing Preview

Optimum Pricing Preview