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01 Apr 2020 - 12 Sep 2020

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Course Content

14 chapters

34 lectures


Paper Introduction Preview

Chapter 1 - Basic income tax

Income tax computation FA19 Part 1 Preview

Income tax computation FA19 Part 2 Preview

Income tax computation FA19 Part 3 Preview

Income tax computation FA19 Part 4 Preview

Income tax computation FA19 Part 5 Preview

Chapter 2 - Capital allowances

intro of capital allowance - Part 1 Preview

Capital allowance - Part 2 Preview

Capital allowance - Part 3 Preview

Chapter 3 - Trading income

Self Employement - Part 1 Preview

tax adjusted tradig profit - Question 1 Preview

Cash basis for small business Preview

Cash basis for small business - Question Preview

Chapter 4 - Partnership

Partnership Preview

Chapter 5 - Basis period

Basis Period - Part 1

Basis Period - Part 2

Chapter 6 - Tax losses

Tax losses - Part 1

Special opening year loss

Terminal loss

Chapter 7 - Employment income

Employement Income - Part 1

Living Accomodation

Use of asset

Exempt benefits

Chapter 8 - Pension

Pension Sceme

Chapter 9 - National insurance contribution


Chapter 10 - Property income

Property Income

Property income practice

Chapter 11 - Tax Administration

Tax Administration Preview

Chapter12 - Inheritance Tax (IHT)

IHT Preview

IHT Preview

Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) Preview

Unused NRB Preview

Chapter 13 - Introduction to Chargeable Gain tax

CGT Part 1 Preview

CGT Part 2 Preview

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About The Course

ACCA Online classes are a series recorded lectures covering the entire syllabus taught by our expert tutors.

2 recorded lectures will be added at the end of every week which the students can study on their own pace according to their own time availability and convenience.

At the end of the session a mock will be given to students, which they will attempt on their own in the real exam environment and a live mock debrief session will be conducted. In this session students will be allowed to ask questions from the tutor.


  1. Full course coverage.

  2. Practice in real exam environment (Spreadsheet and word processing tool simulating ACCA exams)

  3. Solving past papers of ACCA exams.

  4. Detailed practice material.

  5. Summarized Study material for quick revision.

Skills To Be Developed

  1. Time management skills.

  2. How to extract answer from the question itself.

  3. Shortcuts for attempting numerical questions smartly.

  4. Enhancing interpretation skills for theoretical question.

  5. Grooming your communication skills so that the answers are effectively delivered to the examiner.

  6. Written practice to learn how to draft the answers in the exam.

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